Anarchist Black Book of Improvised Munitions

Anarchist Black Book of Improvised Munitions
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The Anarchist Black Book of Improvised Munition's Classic Book

(TM 31-210)

Compiled by Frankford arsenal, this unique manual, referred to by clandestine agents as "The Black Book of Dirty Tricks," is the most sought after, heretofore impossible to obtain, Army Manual. Chapters on improvised explosives and propellants, mines, grenades, small arms manufacture, mortars and rockets. Also included is information on incendiary devices, fuses, detonators, and a delay mechanism.  Describes how to manufacture rocket launchers, recoilless rifles and much, much more. Over 100 photos and diagrams. 251 pages. 5.5"x8.5


Partial List of Subjects Covered:

  • How to make a rifle from a water pipe
  • How to reload ammunition using match heads for propellant
  • How to reload a spent primer
  • How to make a .45 cal., or 9mm pistol from steel, gas or water pipe
  • How to make a bullet from a bolt
  • How to make armor piercing ammunition from a drill rod
  • How to make a shotgun from a water pipe
  • How to make a silencer from commonly available materials
  • How to make an explosive from fertilizer
  • How to make a detonator from picric acid using aspirin
  • How to make gelled flame fuels (napalm) from common ingredients
  • How to make a timing device from dried seeds and water
  • How to make a recoilless launcher

If the FBI had the power to ban books this book would be banned!

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