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Boonie Hat - Woodland - Ripstop

Boonie Hat - Woodland - Ripstop

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Boonie Hat - Woodland Camo - Rip Stop

Military Rip-Stop Boonie Hat

  • 4 Screened Side Vents
  • Branch Loops Around Hat For Camouflage Leaves & Branches
  • Adjustable Chin Strap For Secure Comfort
  • Unisex
  • Brim Length: 2.5" Inches
  • Height of Boonie Hat: About 3" High

Boonie Hats also known as Bush Hats & are best known to be worn in the Armed Forces, but have been adopted by civilians for everyday use. The Boonie hat is perfect for rain or shine and its wide brim will be sure to protect you from water and sun. The Boonie has branch loops on the top of the hat for soldiers to be able to Camouflage better in hunting & camping conditions. People have begun to buy the Bush Boonie Military Hats outside of the military for a few reasons such as campers would like to use the wide brim to protect them from the strong sun during the day & the same reason why a fisher would wear a Bush Hat. Hunter use this hat for pretty much the same reason as why the Armed Forces uses them. It is because they may buy a Camouflage color and blend in with their environment to attempt to evade their prey. The Boonie hat is a cheap hat that’s affordable, but at the same it’s durable so you know it will last for a long time. They are comfortable as well & make a great men’s hat or women’s hat. Some Bush Hats are made specifically to match the BDUs that are sold as well. You can wear them as a complete outfit for when you want to go into the wilderness. This particular Bush Hat is made from Rip-Stop Material.

Boonies hats are known widely after being made popular by the US Marines. Boonie Hats have a soft, unconstructed appearance and a cool slouch look that means business. The advantage over a army fatigue cap is that they offer 360 degrees of shade, screened side vents for air circulation, branch loops to tuck in some camouflage & a chin strap to keep you from losing it. A boonie hat is a form of wide-brim hat commonly used by militaries, armies and marines. It has a unique design is similar to a bucket hat but with a stiffer brim. The crown may be vented with rivets or mesh panels. Other names for boonies are called "Hat, Sun" or "Hat, Sun, Hot Weather", which is still the designation for this type of cover. They are made in various patterns, colors & camouflage styles and made in cotton rip-stop, polyester-cotton or nylon blend cloth.

Boonie Hats were introduced to the US Army during the Vietnam War. The boonie hat began to be produced with insect nets to protect soldiers faces when they were in the jungle & replaced the common used fatigue hats.   

Hat Size Chart
Measure around head (across brow, just above the ears)
Head Size (inches) Head Size (cm) Hat Size Numeric Hat Size (Alpha)
21 1/2" - 21 7/8" 55 - 56 7 Small
22 1/4" - 22 5/8" 57 - 58 7 1/4 Medium
23" - 23 1/2" 59 - 60 7 1/2 Large
24" - 24 3/8" 61 - 62 7 3/4 X-Large


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