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Used German 3-Fold Shovel with Flectarn Case

Used German 3-Fold Shovel with Flectarn Case

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Condition: Used/Good These shovels are well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches/rust or repairs, but they are still in functioning order.

These collapsible shovels are built to NATO specifications, this steel shovel is able to be configured in to three different forms. Fully extended, this shovel is ideal for standard digging use. The shovel head can be locked in a 90 degree position, making a mattock-like shape. This is good for vertical digging. The final configuration fully collapses the shovel for it to fit in the flecktarn carry case.

The case is constructed from a tough nylon canvas with a quick-release buckle. On the back, there are two attachment points for the German harness system and a loop with a snap dome closure.

The steel construction of the shovel provides the strength you need while weighing a manageable 2.6 pounds. Two of the edges are serrated to use for cutting. The design is made for quick and easy use. To extend the shovel, simply pull out the handle and head, then twist the cylinder to lock it in place. Pick one of these up for the collection or take it camping.


  • Genuine German Army surplus
  • Tri-folding design
  • Steel construction
  • Serrated edge
  • Flecktarn carrying case


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