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Anarchist Handbook Volume 1

Anarchist Handbook Volume 1

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The best new "How-To" book on improvised weapons in years!

Topics covered in-depth include:

  • How to easily build a rocket launcher (bazooka) and the rockets needed to fire it.
  • How to build a home-made silencer for pennies.
  • How to make a hand grenade from scratch.
  • How to use a shotgun as a grenade launcher.
  • How to make blasting caps (both electric and nonelectric) from household items.
  • How to make plastic explosives.
  • How to build claymore mines that function as effectively as the ones used by the Armed Forces.
  • and Much More!

Everything is completely explained in simple, everyday language everyone can understand, and profusely illustrated.

The use of inexpensive and accessible materials is emphasized throughout the text, making this a "must" book for serious weapons enthusiasts.


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