Collection: Duffle Bags

The Army Navy Marine Store has top load canvas military duffle bags and zippered canvas duffle bags in Olive Drab, Black ACU and other Camouflage. The most popular duffle bag is the 25 X 42 or the duffle bags with two straps. We carry both GI military duffle bags as well as duffle bags produced by companies who carry government contracts.

Duffle bags were originally named for the specific type of fabric they were made from. They were adopted by the military during the World Wars and enhanced thereafter to become the standard issue sea bag. The large capacity and convenience of duffel bags are what made them popular in the first place.

The popularity of duffel bags spread widely outside of military applications after WWII, presumably due in part to the aforementioned functional improvements, but also because they could finally be picked up by anyone who wanted one, whether handed down from a soldier or sailor, or found in Army and Navy surplus stores all over Europe and the United States.