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Griz-Guard Bear Spray

Griz-Guard Bear Spray

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The Griz Guard Bear Spray has your back when it comes to unwanted encounters with bears. This bear spray can spray up to 30 feet in range and empty entirely in 4 seconds to ensure a safe and quick getaway. The hottest spray formula available, the 2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoids formula proves effective against all bear species. This bear spray is perfect for campers and hunters and should be in every RV safety pack. When traveling to the different camp sites around the US, you never know what you will encounter. Some places have wild dogs and coyote while others have mountain lion and bear. The good thing about this bear spray is it will drive away all these creatures. It will also drive away 2-leg predators if need be. Best priced bear spray on the market. By 2 or more and save $5.00 per can.

  • 2% Capsaicin
  • High-Emission fire extingusher style spray pattern
  • Works on all Bear Spevies
  • Shoot from the Holster
  • 7.9oz can
  • Made in the USA


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