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U.S. Military Flashlight

U.S. Military Flashlight

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U.S. Military Anglehead Flashlights Store

Angle head flashlights are versatile utility flashlight that allows hands free use. It has a belt clip on the side and a D ring that unfolds from the base to make hanging easy. Rubber O-rings seals add to its water resistance. Anglehead flashlights have a crookneck design. They are the standard of the U.S. military for years. They require batteries for operation. Our angle head flashlights generally come with extra lenses and bulbs so you are never stuck in an emergency situation with a flashlight.

We offer Military Anglehead Flashlights are also known as army navy outdoor emergency preparedness supplies, government issued utility flashes, camping survivalists flashers, replicas spare power gear batteries, cheap discounted mini helmet torches, handheldtravelers lightings systems, etc. Military Anglehead Flashlights are commonly misspelled as arme navee geers, etc.


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