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Northstar | 30" x 50" GI Style Rip Stop Duffle Bag

Northstar | 30" x 50" GI Style Rip Stop Duffle Bag

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Inspired by the General Infantry duffels used in the US Armed Forces, this extra large capacity duffle has three webbing handles box stitched and fabric reinforced directly into the bag. Metal D-rings at either end allow for you to add your own shoulder strap.


The S3050 is a versatile side loading duffle gear bag for everything from daily use to travel as checked baggage.

  • DIAMOND RIP-STOP FABRIC - 1050 HD Tuff Cloth has a diamond pattern rip stop, this versatile fabric has a heavy duty quality not usually found at this price point.
  • HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER - Large double-slider #10 zipper runs the full length of the bag.
  • DURABLE BAGS - Duffle bags featuring double-bolstered box-stitched stress points and dura-coated fabric for content protection.
  • 18" DIAMETER X 50" LENGTH STUFFED - Great for travel, transport, storage, day trips, long weekends, tools, drones, sports or just about any other reason you want a quality bag. 30" x 50" Measurements when flattened.
  • 208 Liter capacity.
  • Double reinforced fabric box-stitched stress points.
  • Three heavy duty tubular webbing double fabric reinforced handles.
  • Product designed in the USA.


Years of car travel across USA taught us valuable lessons about the benefits of a big, tough, gear bag that can keep everything you need for the trip in one place. We designed this rugged duffle bag to be durable enough to withstand a long life in the truck bed while looking good enough for the front seat every day of the week.


Simple design elements in the S3050 side loading duffle make it strong, resilient, and timeless in style.

Tough build materials, like the diamond rip-stop shell fabric that is dura coated for protection against wetness, ensure lasting durability.

Value is important to us and we know it is important to you, so we guarantee all of our products will meet your satisfaction.


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