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Small Adult Israeli NBC Gas Mask With Filter

Small Adult Israeli NBC Gas Mask With Filter

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The small adult gas mask with filter is manufactured of soft rubber; it fits comfortably and easily while providing protection for the face, eyes, and respiratory system against numerous nuclear, chemical, and/or biological agents (NBC). The Israeli adult gas mask is made for people with smaller heads and is stamped as size 3 (small/medium). The Bardas system and the Gas mask hood for infants would be better suitable for infants and younger children.

These original Israeli gas masks are designed for fast and easy donning in an event of emergency. The Israeli gas mask and the M-15 gas mask are known to have large impact resistant Plexiglas eye holes for wide field of view. In addition each gas mask includes a drinking system. The 40mm sealed NATO standard filter directly purifies the users breathing air. The included filter makes it easier to breath and avoid airborne toxic pollutants.

The small adult gas mask is lightweight and specially designed for extended use with superior comfort, a secure fit, and a low breathing resistance, and manufactured according to the Israeli Government specifications. These civilian respiratory coverings are suitable for adults, children, and infants. This adult protective face-mask is intended to provide protection for the face, eyes, and respiratory system against harmful chemical agents (NBC).


  • Formulated impermeable rubber material for high resistance against NBC  agents.
  • Impact resistant plastic lenses with excellent optics.
  • Comfortable nose cup with controlled air flow to eliminate lens fogging and CO2 buildup.
  • Comfortable to wear for an extended period of time in hot and humid weather conditions.
  • Size 3 for small adults and youth.

*Gas Masks are sold as is, and we offer no guarantee on the level of protection offered by the item. No returns or exchanges.*


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