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Solid Fire Fuel Esbit - 14g - 12 pack

Solid Fire Fuel Esbit - 14g - 12 pack

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Very small and kinda light cooking system.

Esbit tablets are a solid-fuel heat source that make for one of the most weight-efficient "cooking" systems around.  Not good inside a tent, as they stink.  Each tablet (.5 ounces) is enough to boil a pint of water.  If that is all you are doing, this is one of the best systems.  Esbit tablets are individually sealed inside a package, so they have a long shelf life.  Maybe not the best for actually cooking while backpacking, but makes for a great emergency stove.

This is a box of 12, individually sealed Esbit tablets.

Weights: Tablets (each):  0.5 ounces  (15 grams)



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