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MSA MCU 2A/P US Military Gas Mask - Medium

MSA MCU 2A/P US Military Gas Mask - Medium

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Item Condition

Used with normal wear, eye shield has yellowing from old age. Good usable condition.


MCU 2A/P Grey Gask Mask
Clear Plastic Removable Lens
M17 Green Canvas Carry Bag

The MCU-2/P is the standard protective mask for the United States Air Force and Navy. The MCU-2A/P was in use until being discontinued in the late 1990's and replaced by newer technology. First fielded in the early 1970s, the mask featured a one-piece silicone lens, drinking tube, voice diaphragm, and a secondary voice diaphragm which could be swapped to the other side depending on the user's shooting preference. 

The MCU series protective masks were influenced by the XM-29 and XM-30 prototype masks. These experimental masks were born in the search for a lighter, more mobile mask that could be used by left and right-handed shooters and have the ability to be compatible with optics. With these requests, the designers at ILC Dover presented the XM-29 and XM-30 prototypes to the United States Armed Forces. The Air Force and Navy accepted the design and fielded the first MCU-series masks in the early 1970s while the Army and Marine Corps rejected the design and later fielded the M40 Field Protective Mask.

The MCU-2A/P variant features an internal M101/AIC microphone that connects to a female jack which is used with the U-137/U type male audio plugs.

*Gas Masks are sold as is, and we offer no guarantee on the level of protection offered by the item. No returns or exchanges.*


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